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5 things to consider for your video strategy


Waterbridge Creative

The video production industry has been around for decades, but only recently (in the last 5-10 years), has it become important for organizations to consider their own video marketing strategy. Beautiful imagery is nice, but how does it move the needle forward for your business? You have to start somewhere, and one video is great, but to truly create an impact, you want to consider how an on-going strategy can help you share your compelling stories and achieve your business goals.

Here are our top 5 things to think of when building your video strategy

1) What are your business goals?

We LOVE creating videos and telling stories from scratch. But we’re also business owners, we get it. What is your business trying to accomplish? Gaining awareness by cutting through the noise? Educating your potential clients through thought leadership? Building loyalty and trust? Introducing new product lines? Increasing sales in a particular demographic? There is a video marketing solution for any and every growth path you can take, but understanding your business goals and custom tailoring that solution to your needs is always the best way to build a strong foundation to your current and future video investments with your chosen video production company.

2) Who are you speaking to?

A message for everyone is a message for no one. Narrowcasting is a process of custom tailoring your messages at specific segments of your demographic defined by values, preferences, demographic attributes, This has become more prominent over the years, and hyper-personalized marketing will only continue to increase its prevalence in our everyday lives. Knowing who you’re speaking to, and what message you want to send is crucial to ensure that your stories have impact, and move the needle for your business. Choosing the right video production company can be hard, ask them who they think you should be speaking to? An outside perspective is always helpful, but their response will give you insight to see if they are the right partner for you, or not.

A message for everyone is a message for no one.

3) What does your puzzle picture look like?

So often we focus on the single piece in our hands and where it fits, that we forget to look at the entire picture that is guiding us. You want to look at each video as a singular piece to the puzzle, and the big puzzle picture as your ‘strategy’. How do your little pieces (individual videos) fit your larger strategy and what you are trying to accomplish? Each piece serves its role and purpose as it stands alone, but also knows it’s place within the picture. Build your puzzle using one piece at a time, but know what the big picture (your strategy) looks like. Knowing where you’re going, and what you’re trying to accomplish, will not only increase the likelihood of an impact, it will allow you to measure it as well. 

4) How will you stay consistent ?

Nothing of value was built in a day, not even Rome! The same goes for a successful video marketing campaign. It’s going to take time, patience, consistency and investment. Like anything you want to build in today’s world, consistency is one of the magic ingredients that must be a staple in your recipe. The industry data will tell you how much impact videos have, but the immeasurable intangible is always consistency. Don’t get us wrong, everyone has to start somewhere. You eat an elephant one bite at a time! The important part is once you take that first bite, you keep going! Finding your consistency balance is important for the future of your video strategy and company growth. 

The industry data will tell you how much impact videos have, but the immeasurable intangible is always consistency. 

5) How will you pour fuel on the fire?

A well built, beautiful race car is always amazing to look at. But if it’s built without fuel in mind, it won’t go anywhere! You don’t want your beautiful assets to sit there in the garage, being seen by the odd person who comes by for a visit. Get your new babies out in the world and on the road! Always budget part of your investment for fuel, or in this case, ad dollars. Give your assets the boost they need to attract eyeballs that have never seen your brand before, or reinforcing your brand to those who have seen it before. The right video production company partner should be able to help execute this or point you in the right direction. If they aren’t familiar with the right fuel, they may not be the right company for you. 

However you decide to approach video for your organization, going in with an intentional strategy is important for the success of your present and future campaigns. Take your time, consider the right stories, ask yourself the right questions, and find the right partner!

Waterbridge Creative Media is a video production company founded in 2009, with offices in Ottawa and Vancouver, serving public and private organizations for all of their video needs. Waterbridge can help you with any and all of your video needs and strategies. 

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