Who We Are

Here at Waterbridge, we believe that storytelling is deeply connected to the human social experience and that our past experiences influence our future behaviours. In the business world, every company or organization has a story to share.

We’re here to bring that story to life.

Our Story

Waterbridgemedia Creative Team

Waterbridge was founded in 2010 by undergraduate students who also happened to be long-time friends. After getting their start by creating an instructional pool maintenance DVD, the founders saw an opportunity to jump into video marketing—a growing industry. From there, Waterbridge Media was born.

Since their humble beginnings in their parents’ basements in Orleans, the Waterbridge duo has come a long way. With the rise of video marketing, the company has grown into a team of 9 talented and dedicated individuals. Now, Waterbridge offers a wider variety of premium video and brand design solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Although the team has enjoyed success in recent years, they won’t forget how they were able to grow Waterbridge on a bootstrap budget: through hard work and relentless dedication to improving their craft.

With friendships that have strengthened over time and a long-term vision for growth, Waterbridge Media looks forward to continuing its rise as a powerhouse video marketing and technology company in the heart of Canada’s capital.


At Waterbridge, we believe a strong foundation in the community is key to our success. That’s why we give back to community causes that matter.

Video services are a “luxury” marketing vehicle that many nonprofit and charitable organizations can’t afford, which is why Waterbridge Media has volunteered thousands of hours of our expertise to help tell their stories.

Making a difference is a passion of our, and we believe it’s so important to stay involved in our community. Below are just a few of our community partners.

With our shared passion for a better future, Waterbridge will continue to help charitable and nonprofit organizations bring their visions to life.

What our Clients are Saying

“The enthusiasm, the creativity, the energy level and the professionalism they bring… they’ve help take us to a whole new level.”
– HCol Blake C Goldring
Founder & Chairman, Canada Company

“I recommend Waterbridge Media very highly. They are very professional and responsive.”
– Dimitri Toukchher
President & CEO, LGFG Fashion House

“It was really amazing to see them take some of my ideas and put it into a whole creative plan that came out amazingly.”
– Krista Norris
Founder, Krista Norris Collection

“They took all our needs into consideration, added their own perspective, and created a design that we’re thrilled with.”
– Sanjay Shah, President
ExecHealth Inc

“They made us feel comfortable, and the end product was superb!”
– Victor Melski
Director, Altus Group, Tax Consulting Paralegal Professional Corporation