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Animated Video Production: By the Pros, For the Pros

Key Creative Benefits Offered by Animated Videos – And What They Mean For You

When it comes to telling stories, it’s all about delivery. You may have the right message, but you’ve got to present it properly, too. That means professional production that zeroes in on your story and highlights what’s important.

Video is an ideal medium for delivering such messages and provides an almost-unlimited canvas on which you can work. Of course, that canvas comes with a price point and budget line, and these things can give pause to any organization. There is a solution, however!

Animated video production allows you to deliver that message at a fraction of the cost and with fewer variables to worry about. They engage an audience, grabbing their attention while telling your story.

Still not convinced? We’ve put together a few reasons why professional animated video production is a great way to meet your professional needs:

Unmatched Creative Freedom

There are several key benefits from a creative standpoint with using animated videos:

Bring Any Idea to Life – There are no limits when it comes to animated videos. Some things are too big or too small to film, while others are just too abstract. For example, if you needed to create a video on the workings of Bitcoin, global logistics, or a microprocessor, could you easily film this in real life? Probably not. That’s where the ease of animation and how anything is possible comes in to save the day.

Provide Context – Sometimes it’s difficult to get people to look at the whole picture, or understand the context of a story. But with animation, you can literally show the whole picture since the visual creations are limitless. It’s much easier to put an idea into perspective with the help of animation.

Set the Tone – There are a ton of variables involved in live action video. Animation is an easier medium to use for setting the right tone for a video, portraying a wider range of emotions while avoiding biases or distractions that may get in the way of the video’s purpose.

Easy to Manage – Animated video production is much easier to manage live-action video. You don’t have to worry about location, weather, actors, props, sets, equipment, or anything else that can conflict with scheduling and cause frustrations!

Avoiding Content Shock

There’s just too much content out there for any human to effectively sort through, and the backlog continues to grow. Some estimates predict content supply is going to rapidly outpace demand. This phenomenon is known as content shock.

Obviously, this presents a problem for you: you need your content to stand out and get noticed. Traditional content marketing promotes text content, but what if you could bring that to life in a more engaging, easy-to-digest fashion?

Animated videos are rich media, a visual experience that appeals to the senses. They’re entertaining, engaging, and colourful, and require a much shorter time commitment. Videos are much easier for audiences to consume than text, and are also more likely to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Staying Up-to-Date

As mentioned earlier, animated video production costs a fraction of live video production. But animated videos are a much smaller budget line, with minimal requirements from any acting talent you may need and no need to worry about locations, crew, and other minutiae that bog down a production.

But beyond that, it’s very easy to continuously update animated video. Any video production company you work with will hold onto the assets and files used to create your content, and you’re always able to revisit and revise at a later date.

By way of comparison, live-action almost becomes a time capsule as years go by. In a few short years, styles and fashions change, which means that what was once cutting-edge can rapidly become dated.

Information Delivery

Standard infographics can be cluttered with data and text, leaving too much information for the audience to absorb. But animated infographic videos let you guide the audience through the content.

You control the viewing pace, ensuring that visitors can read and absorb all the data and text. Your video can be supported by other rich media, such as music, movement, sounds, and related visuals to highlight important points.

Professional video production, especially animated video, is a highly flexible and creative means of conveying a message. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and be heard, there’s never been a better time!

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