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YouTube’s Rise to Power Pt.2 – The Missing Piece: Viral Videos

Soon after the initial development of the video hosting platform, YouTube found success answering the issue of video sharing with ease and accessibility. However, the one thing YouTube was initially missing in its equation was viral videos. This changed in November of 2005, shortly after the company prioritized it’s marketing strategy as a consumer medium. From this YouTube’s fate was realized. […]


YouTube’s Rise to Power Pt.1 – The First Video Ever Uploaded

In a 10 year time span, YouTube has managed to take the world by storm. What started off as a video sharing venture between three former colleagues, turned into something markedly larger. The success of the company is well known, but the beginning less so. Most people wouldn’t guess that the beginning of YouTube started at a zoo. On Saturday, […]



Holidays are times of reflection, family and most importantly thanks. With Thanksgiving approaching, Waterbridge would like to highlight some of the achievements of the month past. To commence October,  we are delighted to share some exciting developments. It is with the utmost recognition to our partnerships, clients and hard working staff, who share in our work, that we continue to […]