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Video Marketing is No Longer Optional

When it Comes to Digital Marketing, You Can’t Afford to Overlook Video Video is everywhere and it’s here to stay as a powerful tool for telling your story on social media, streaming services, websites, and more! In fact, most estimates suggest that video accounts for nearly three-quarters of all web traffic, and that’s just in a few short years, soon […]


Top 5 things to look for when choosing a video producer.

The video industries in Ottawa and Vancouver are filled with great producers who offer a wide-range of video services. We know this for a fact because we’ve collaborated with many of them throughout the years. But this begs the question, how do you choose the service provider that is right for you? What should you look for when choosing a […]


Why Video Marketing has become essential to the modern marketer

The unfortunate reality for most businesses in 2017 is that if your marketing strategy does not contain some form of video, then your business is slowly falling behind.  Video marketing is becoming essential as it finally came of age in 2016, and this means there is a boatload of opportunity for business to take advantage. Don’t just take it from […]


How the Ottawa Video Production industry has evolved

I first entered the professional the Ottawa Video Production industry seven years ago. Boy, have times changed. When Waterbridge Media first opened its doors, the Ottawa video production industry was still in its infancy. I’m not talking about large broadcast companies or small film studios. What I’m referring to is the ‘small business’ video marketing companies. These businesses have emerged […]


4 Ways Your Tech Company Can Win Big With Video Marketing

It is no surprise that video marketing has become the top strategic marketing tool for virtually any type of organization and marketing specialists have taken notice. The conversation is no longer if you need video, but rather how can you best utilize it to fit your company’s objectives. Most companies know they need video, but how can you create, execute, […]