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5 things to consider for your video strategy

  The video production industry has been around for decades, but only recently (in the last 5-10 years), has it become important for organizations to consider their own video marketing strategy. Beautiful imagery is nice, but how does it move the needle forward for your business? You have to start somewhere, and one video is great, but to truly create […]


Waterbridge enters feature film arena; maintains focus on corporate video marketing

We are pleased to announce that we have completed our first feature film trailer.  Working with Ottawa native and California producer Doug Falconer, Waterbridge Media partnered with Falconer Pictures to produce a movie trailer for the upcoming feature film Daughter of the Wolf. This marks the first time Waterbridge Media has worked in collaboration with a feature film. Doug Falconer […]


Animated Video Production: By the Pros, For the Pros

Key Creative Benefits Offered by Animated Videos – And What They Mean For You When it comes to telling stories, it’s all about delivery. You may have the right message, but you’ve got to present it properly, too. That means professional production that zeroes in on your story and highlights what’s important. Video is an ideal medium for delivering such […]


Corporate Training Videos Done Right

How Creating Effective Corporate Training Videos Can Help Your Business Grow Training employees is a significant investment for businesses, but it’s also something most employees dread. When you think “corporate training videos,” what do you think of? Chances are, you’ve got images of some out-of-date VHS tape that puts half the room to sleep. But, when done properly, video training […]


How Aerial Videography Benefits Businesses

Stunning Aerial Shots for Every Industry on a Budget That Won’t Break the Bank There once was a time where aerial videography meant renting a helicopter, setting up camera equipment, and spending a day in the air. But renting helicopters is cost-prohibitive, not to mention headache-inducing, what with the level of planning and scheduling involved! No wonder Hollywood budgets are […]


Happy Holidays from Waterbridge!

From our table to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Wonderful New Year. We here at Waterbridge typically have fun with our Christmas cards, but this year, we think we stepped it up a notch by paying homage to Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting “The Last Supper” “We wanted to do something bold and thought […]


YouTube’s Rise to Power Pt.4 – The Social and Political

The impact of YouTube is immense, spanning from politics to cat videos. The humble beginnings of the video hosting platform began with uploading “Me at the Zoo”. An explainer video of why elephants are so cool filmed and shared by the creators of the site. Since then, YouTube has expanded rapidly  and is now used to information share globally. With the […]


YouTube’s Rise to Power Pt.3 – Google’s Acquisition

In 2005, YouTube’s biggest potential competition was created, Google Video.  At the same time, Google engineers denounced YouTube’s videos as low-quality and grainy. Not fully comprehending YouTube’s popularity and ease, Google’s engineers missed the mark on their product. With Google Video, you had to know your video’s codec and the dimensions of the video frame. With YouTube, this was automated […]