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Corporate Training Videos Done Right

How Creating Effective Corporate Training Videos Can Help Your Business Grow

Training employees is a significant investment for businesses, but it’s also something most employees dread. When you think “corporate training videos,” what do you think of? Chances are, you’ve got images of some out-of-date VHS tape that puts half the room to sleep.

But, when done properly, video training is an effective means of teaching and retaining productive employees who contribute to the growth of a business.

Corporate training videos help businesses get new hires up to speed quickly and effectively… provided they’re done right. An old, outdated video simply won’t cut it. You’ve got to stay current with your workplace culture and procedures, after all.

Still not convinced? We’ve compiled some of the ways effective corporate training videos help get new workers up to speed, all while supporting your business’ goals and vision:

Show Your Investment

Taking the time to train new hires demonstrates your organization’s investment in them. Not only does it help you get people on the job and working effectively, it shows you value their contributions and work. While it might not seem like much, compelling corporate training videos support this message.

Think about it: some dull, standard, outdated video will leave employees bored (at best) or feeling undervalued (at worst). But a well-produced video can help staff maintain their excitement as they onboard into their new role and give them a sense of identity. A welcome video, included as part of your standard corporate training, captures attention and gives a good overview of the company and what you do.

Which brings us to…

Promoting Corporate Culture

When you set aside the practical challenges and issues of doing business, most companies struggle with corporate culture. With startups, it’s easy to maintain culture; things are so small and hands-on that the leadership’s vision for the business is easy to translate.

But as things grow, demonstrating corporate culture becomes a challenge.

So what do you do? You take the advice of Hemingway, Chekhov, and pretty much every major writer everywhere and you show, don’t tell.

Talking heads and explanations don’t do the job anywhere near as effectively as showing people in action. What better way to highlight corporate culture to new hires than to let them see it firsthand in a video? Not only will the message stick with them better, they’ll be engaged and eager to get involved.

Better Information Delivery

Corporate training videos are centered around teaching new employees about workplace policies and procedures. This is necessary for them to understand how their actions will affect the company. And because over 65% of the world’s population are visual learners, it all comes back to showing, not telling.

Remember, you can always support what’s taught in a training video with physical documentation, but seeing things in action firsthand goes a long way. In fact, visual info is processed a whopping 60,000 times faster than text alone! Clearly, visuals speak and go a long way.

Career and Company Focus

Perhaps the biggest challenge faced when training new hires is the dreaded “why.” Why are they doing this? Why does this procedure exist? Why are things this way and not that way?

As part of a corporate video training package, welcome videos that highlight culture and policies are highly effective at showcasing the bigger picture. That big picture can show employees how they fit into the corporation, but also gives them a sense of how they can advance and grow with the company.

You’re covering several bases at once: delivering valuable information, engaging employees in the corporate culture, and showing them what they can get out of working at your organization.

Save Time and Resources

The number of hours that goes into training sessions can really add up. Instead of talking for hours on end and eating up the time of an employee who could be tackling other tasks, video frees up resources and saves time overall.

With a professional, entertaining corporate training video, training newcomers won’t feel like such a time sink. Get your message across in an engaging manner, help trainees retain more information, and motivate them to be productive employees who will stick around.

In turn, they will contribute to the success and growth of your business because you made the effort to show them how much you value your staff.

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