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How Aerial Videography Benefits Businesses

Stunning Aerial Shots for Every Industry on a Budget That Won’t Break the Bank

There once was a time where aerial videography meant renting a helicopter, setting up camera equipment, and spending a day in the air. But renting helicopters is cost-prohibitive, not to mention headache-inducing, what with the level of planning and scheduling involved! No wonder Hollywood budgets are so high.

Thankfully, things have changed.

Getting those amazing aerial shots is easier than ever before thanks to a selection of remote-operated drones and high-quality, low-footprint cameras. Aerial drone videography has taken off (pardon the pun) in recent years, popping up in everything from marketing videos to music videos. In fact, they’re everywhere: drone shots are visible in blockbusters, web videos, and even real estate tours.

More businesses are realizing the value of video marketing, especially with the use of aerial videography. Aside from filming long stretches of highways and spanning landscapes for movies and commercials, other industries are now regularly using drones for amazing aerial footage and enjoying a multitude of benefits.

Let’s take a closer look:

Not Just for Film and TV

Real Estate

Aerial videography works wonders in the real estate industry. After all, many times have you checked a home listing only to wish you had a better view of the property or even a walkthrough of the home?

Instead of dull, static images of homes, realtors are now posting aerial footage of houses, backyards, and surrounding neighbourhoods. This gives prospective home buyers a better sense of the home as well as everything it has to offer. What’s more, drone videos capture the true size, layout, and location of the entire property.

Property Development

Property developers are more and more often using aerial drone videos. They help provide a clear view of the property in question and are used in everything from the initial planning stages to the final promotional videos.

Aerial videography helps property developers and managers:

  • View the property for planning purposes;
  • Keep an eye on the development’s construction progress; and,
  • Provide a stunning view of the property and its surroundings for video marketing.


Drones can capture entire events from a multitude of angles quickly, showcasing the size of the audience and their reactions. This footage is excellent for the sponsors and organizers involved with live events like concerts, music festivals, and sporting events.


Whether it’s for a resort in the Caribbean or a ski hill in Banff, the tourism industry now relies on convenient drone technology for promotional videos. Breathtaking views of accommodations, attractions, activities, and landscapes are made available to potential customers and guests with the help of drone footage.

Won’t Break the Bank

Short of renting a helicopter, it was nearly impossible to get the remarkable angles and shots that you can get with drones today. And with the wide availability of drone technology, aerial videographers can now get those shots at a fraction of the cost of renting a helicopter and hiring a pilot.

Save Time

Aerial videography with a drone takes far less time for planning and filming than with a helicopter. But maybe the biggest time consideration with aerial footage in the past came from shooting conditions. Drones let you take advantage of great weather at a moment’s notice. No more checking the forecast obsessively, waiting for the perfect day! There are more safety measures in place to get a helicopter in the air than to fly a drone.

High-Quality Products

Advances in technology have made it possible to shoot 4K video on a drone camera. High-quality video is a must these days, and it’s easier than ever to get the right gear. Of course, you don’t have to DIY your aerial shots; hire the pros for reliable, dependable video production. They’ll get you an amazing finished video you’ll love and be proud to show off.

Versatile Footage

Drones have a few advantages over other filming methods. They can capture footage from centimeters off the ground, inches away from buildings, or hundreds of feet in the air, and anywhere in between.

Drones can even capture interior shots and aren’t bound by the operator’s physical limits. The angles and shots that drone cameras capture are extremely versatile, giving aerial videographers more freedom and creativity with their shots.

Captivating Videos

Drone videos provide viewers with a newer and rarely-seen perspective that tends to always grab their attention. This type of video marketing captivates audiences, stands out, and supports business. What’s more, your business can increase brand awareness simply by sharing a company video with stunning drone footage that engages audiences.

No matter what business you’re in, you can leave a lasting impression on audiences by including aerial videography in your marketing strategies. Impress audiences and improve your brand awareness by sharing videos filmed with drones. Whether you want to show off locations or film a cool promotional video, get breathtaking, versatile footage with aerial videography.

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