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How the Ottawa Video Production industry has evolved

I first entered the professional the Ottawa Video Production industry seven years ago. Boy, have times changed. When Waterbridge Media first opened its doors, the Ottawa video production industry was still in its infancy. I’m not talking about large broadcast companies or small film studios. What I’m referring to is the ‘small business’ video marketing companies. These businesses have emerged as a result of digital media’s rise to marketing prominence.

There have been 2 majors drivers for this:

1. The emergence of DSLR

Video was introduced to DSRL cameras back in the mid 2000’s.  Videographers everywhere immediately took notice of the crisp images and vivid colours these cameras produced. The fascination was so pronounced that Hollywood began dabbling with DSLR video. We saw examples of this in Fox’s TV program ‘House’, or in Marvel Studio’s ‘Captain America: the first avenger’. The importance of DSLR video cannot be understated because it caused two major shifts in the industry.

  1. Professional grade video became way more affordable, which essentially broke down the biggest barrier that prevented creative suppliers from entering this market.
  2. With DSLR companies like Canon, Nikon and Sony releasing new models almost annually, technology in video began to improve incredibly quickly. This is in stark contrast to new DV models being released every half decade or longer.

2. New Digital Mediums

At this point, we all know how important Youtube (Google) was for the internet by making video accessible in everyone’s web browser. But today it doesn’t just end with Youtube, Facebook has become a massive player in video. We also can’t forget linkedin, because widespread native video is right around the corner.

Google and Facebook have become modern advertising giants. They have essentially killed print advertising. If your target buyer is under 50 years old, print simply doesn’t compare to the precise power and sophistication that either of these two platforms can give you as a marketer. What’s more, both Google and Facebook are in an arm’s race to be hailed the king of internet video. This has led to amazing opportunity for marketers everywhere to take advantage of with video.
So, with the emergence of affordable DSLR video and the new ‘video friendly’ landscape with in digital media, it’s no wonder we’re currently seeing more businesses look to the Ottawa video production industry to promote and advertise their brand and services using online medium such as Youtube and Facebook. As we all know, with demand on the rise, the supply of video production specialists is sure to follow.

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