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Holidays are times of reflection, family and most importantly thanks. With Thanksgiving approaching, Waterbridge would like to highlight some of the achievements of the month past. To commence October,  we are delighted to share some exciting developments. It is with the utmost recognition to our partnerships, clients and hard working staff, who share in our work, that we continue to make positive strides ahead.

With the closing of September, we enter the fourth quarter full of excitement and inspiration. To date, we have now completed our 4th project with Ericsson, a fantastically stimulating client. Our most recent project with Ericsson is an animated video showcasing The Ericsson Radio Dot, which is featured in this blog. With such great people and projects, September has been a great month for Waterbridge. Fourth quarter here we come!

New quarters typically bring change, but for Waterbridge, what remains the same is strong relationships. Our company is extremely privileged and excited to announce that we have recently embarked upon a three year sponsorship initiative for the [email protected] ‘Founder’s Brigade’. [email protected] is spearheading the effort to provide job placement relief for our ill and injured Canadian Military Veterans.

Programs like [email protected] are ensuring that Canadian veterans are beginning to receive the support they deserve. Waterbridge Creative believes this upstanding organization is worth supporting. We have set out to help the ‘Founder’s Brigade’ grow with influential business leaders who have the ability to influence change. It brings our team a great sense of pride to be able to serve such an honourable cause.

Causes that affect our community are important to our team. We continuously work with local organizations, which often generates longstanding comradeship. Currently, Waterbridge is working on our 8th project with Carleton University. It brings us great workplace satisfaction to interact with an array of institutions as we are constantly challenged and pushed to new heights, which will continue as our company grows.

With new projects, our team is ever expanding. We are very excited, that for the first time ever, a high school co-op student will be working with Waterbridge Creative Media. A talented 12th grade student is joining our team from a local french high school in the Design FOCUS program! Although he is focused on graphic design, his skills will be applied in our video department as well as our client relations. We are elated to welcome him aboard to start his creative journey, as this will be an equally great opportunity for us to learn from his growth.

The excitement of this past quarter has left us with high expectations for the upcoming months! From all of us at Waterbridge Creative Media, thank you to all of the upstanding individuals that make our careers worthwhile. Now go grab yourself some pumpkin pie, you turkeys deserve it!

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