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Are you considering providing stakeholders with ongoing video content? You may want to consider starting a studio campaign where one of your representatives comes into our studio on a regular basis and shares news updates or addresses important subject matter related to your organization or industry.

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Our Video Process

There’s a lot that goes into a Waterbridge commercial video production. And it’s always a collaborative process with our clients.

Hands Shake

1) Discovery Kickoff Meeting

First, we get an understanding of your business. It’s mission critical for us to understand how your business operates within the context of your industry. This will provide us with the foundation for future success.


2) Proposal

Next, we do some high level creative planning. This is where we try to best match your financial budget to your overall business and marketing goals. From this, we will create a proposal we believe is both effective and affordable.

Launch Rocket

3) Project Launch & Creative

Now that the financials are out of the way, our production team can get started. Though most of the process is a trade secret, ultimately, you will be left with a professional script, storyboard and a detailed production schedule for your video marketing initiative.

Production Planning

4) Production Planning

The next action is to get the video shooting dates nailed down. Prepping for the shoot day is very important. Our team will do a site-visit to survey the shooting environment and flesh out the shot list. The more variables we remove before the shoot day, the more confidence we can have that your video will turn out the way we planned.

Video Capture

5) Video Capture

Movie making went digital a long time ago, so our videographers highly specialized, highly technical individuals in their space. To capture the best visuals to bring your video to life, our videographers consider a multitude of factors including resolution, codec, frame rate, focal range, aperture, lighting, audio acoustics and more.

Post Production

6) Post Production

After the video has been captured, we ingest and consolidate the footage, and prepare for editing. Tight sequencing, and detailed colour grading are crucial to give your video the intended look and feel. To accomplish this, the typical Waterbridge commercial production requires a combination of three different professional softwares.


7) Design

After we’ve sequenced your video, we need to get more assets together, we need your logo and example of some of marketing collateral, we’ll use this to produce design assets that are important elements to making your video look clean, professional, but most importantly, well branded.


8) Audio

Audio recording, audio editing and colour editing are all other very important factors we use to make your video look and sound the best.


9) Delivery

This part should never be taken for granted. The delivery is a delicate part to the production and it is typically the first interaction we will have with the client since the Video Capture. And this is where you as the client, can bring in more creative feedback. When we hear your feedback, we can then produce the final copy of the video.


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We work with many clients, providing video production services to the fashion industry, auto manufacturer brands and everything in between. See our full range of professional creative services below, all shot in 4K. Find our why Waterbridge has what you’re looking for as a video producer.