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3 Ways 3D/VR for real estate is making the selling process easier

The future is here with 3D and Virtual Reality for real estate (3D/VR).  The innovative approach to home marketing offers many benefits to the home seller, the home buyer and the agent. Here, we discuss the ways in which 3D/VR can elevate your listing.

Watch the video below to see our media professional talk about 3D and Virtual reality for real estate:

  1. Speak to the Modern Consumer

The modern-day consumer wants fingertips access to a myriad of information: real estate is no exception.

For home sellers, 3D/VR eliminates any privacy concerns or time constraints for viewings. For home buyers, it eliminates those awkward open houses by facilitating a viewing within the comfort of your own home. Just imagine walking through an entire house on your own terms, on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home! For agents, time is precious and with 3D/VR you will be saving time for everyone involved – from the home buyer to the seller.

  1. Generate Higher Quality Leads

When a buyer chooses to tour a home in person after viewing it through 3D/VR, it is usually to confirm rather than to establish interest in the property.  This can shorten the sales cycle. It also creates greater efficiency in the process over all.

In a customer survey performed by the Vancouver division of Cubicasa, it found that 59 per cent of home buyers said that 3D floorplans that include digitally generated furniture and fixtures were the most effective in helping them visualize a space.

In a nutshell, 3D/VR helps real estate agents produce better quality leads.

  1. Reach a Larger Audience with Virtual Reality for real estate

Ottawa is a military town and government city. This means that home buyers could be coming to Ottawa from out of town or from overseas. A 3D home tour service will appeal to homebuyers who are coming from out of town. This virtual experience will help potential clients to visualize the space without having to make multiple trips to the property, saving everyone a lot of time and energy. Academics agree that virtual tours will appeal to a wider audience – whether they are local or from out-of-town. The UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture associate professor Blair Satterfield says that, “Perspective versions of a plan [“3D” floorplans] are more legible to a broader audience simply because they are a simulation of how people actually perceive and organize space.”


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