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Waterbridge Media has over 13 years of bilingual live-action and animated video production experience and have worked for numerous Government of Canada Departments. If your communications team requires video production services, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to hear from you. 

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Working with Waterbridge

  • 1. Personable and well nuanced.

    Our friendly approach is supported by our nuanced understanding of how to best provide video services to teams working in Government Departments. Whether you are new or experienced with procuring video services, the Waterbridge Media team is here to help. 

  • 2. Flexible and quickly adaptive.

    We understand that aspects of a video project may unavoidably change over the course of the timeline. We are quick to adapt to our client's evolving needs, providing you with the flexibility that gives you peace of mind throughout.

  • 3. Reliable and assured compliance.

    Our systems and procedures for producing video products effectively and on-time has been in development for over a decade and refined across hundreds of video projects. Waterbridge Media has already been sponsored for Reliability Clearance currently in process.

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Our Public Sector Clients:

Public Sector Clients



Our Public Sector Clients:

Public Sector Clients


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Audio Visual Services we offer

We place an emphasis on helping our clients with scoping their video projects. We'll help you translate the initial vision for a video into a detailed scope of work that is written with suitable language and detail in a format that public officials are familiar with. 

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Project Management

Content & Creative

  • Project Research
  • Scripting in all its forms, and conveying concepts and treatments
  • Storyboarding, including: design concepts, visual treatments, creative approach
  • Second-language adaptation
  • Site visits/location scouting
  • Scheduling film shoots and considering all logistics
  • Coordinating location, personnel, and services for video capture across Canada including, but not limited to:
    • Standard grip equipment
    • Cameras
    • Lighting
    • Makeup / hair
    • Location and transportation services
    • Rights and release forms for onscreen personnel

Logistics & Technical:

  • Scouting and securing locations
  • Casting actors and hiring crew
  • Getting permits and insurance
  • Scheduling shoot days
  • Performing a tech scout
  • Arranging for equipment rentals

Video Production Company Ottawa

  • Personnel & video equipment
  • Video producing and directing
  • Managing transportation and travel costs
  • Set props & construction
  • Media archiving
  • Development in other media formats
  • Visual element creation, including illustration, motion graphics and animation

Video Production Company Ottawa

  • Transcription services
  • Video Editing
  • Time-coding
  • Animation, digital and visual effects
    • Digitizing
    • Composition
    • Animation
  • Audio management
    • Soundtrack and music recording
    • Soundtrack editing and audio Mixing
    • Lay-up
    • Restoring
    • Mastering
  • Digital files on a portable device
  • Duplication and labelling
  • All raw assets and project files in original source format on a portable device

Video Production Company Ottawa

  • Gathering and aggregating intelligence and research for each project
    • We collect valuable information regarding upcoming projects, and consult with external authorities and information sources when necessary and appropriate.
  • Facilitating team meetings
    • Schedule meetings and work directly with the Project Authority to create the agenda for each project.
  • Establishing and communicating expectations
    • We set touch points and milestones to ensure on-time final project delivery.
  • Solving problems that arise
    • We do whatever it takes to keep the project moving forward.
  • Facilitating communication between steps
    • We ensure that tasks with chronological dependencies progress to the next person promptly.

Video Production Company Ottawa