What makes video Marketing so Important?

When you adopt a “video first” approach to content marketing, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. However, one is more important than the others. So let’s look past the fact that video has been proven to outperform online customer conversions. Let’s ignore the fact that video is designed to grab more attention, engage your audience, improve SEO, plus the fact that video is inherently more shareable than any other medium. Looking past all of that, there’s one important factor to keep in mind — video is just plain fun!

Video Production Services we offer

We work with many clients, providing video production services to the fashion industry, auto manufacturer brands and everything in between. See our full range of professional creative services below, all shot in 4K. Find our why Waterbridge has what you’re looking for as a video producer.

Video Marketing

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Brand Design

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Web Design

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3D/VR tours

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3D/VR is Here!

Show off your high-end listings like never before, with Matterport 3D Tours. Get a bird’s eye view or walk through rooms as if you were there!

Video Training for Marketers

Video Training for marketers is now available!

Have you wanted to develop a content-driven video marketing initiative for your company, but do not have the budget to contract third-party video producers for all of your needs? Waterbridge has solved this problem. Click here to learn more and find out if our video training programs are right for you.


Start Telling Your Story

It’s time to start making videos. Good ones. Waterbridge creates high-quality, story-driven videos for startups, tourism, real estate and everything in between. Drop us a line for a free consultation. Who doesn’t love free consultations?!