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I’m Brian Frank, the proud co-owner of Waterbridge Creative Media.

I look forward to sharing our story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know us better.

Along with some colleagues, I started the business as an extra-curricular University Project twelve years ago. As the founders, we developed an affinity for creative work and were able to step into full-time roles with the company upon graduating from school.

Leveraging success from one engagement to the next, the company quickly became a functional and operating entity with a happy and growing client base.

Since launching the business in the Spring of 2010, it has evolved tremendously. With each passing year, the team has gained valuable experience and has grown with talented and competent people.

Our systems for creating videos have also evolved and become more refined to solve real-world problems. It’s led to smoother client experiences and high-quality projects that are increasingly larger in scope and complexity.

Making Dreams a Reality

We excel at rendering full-service production and believe everyone can be creative, including our clients. Therefore, we enjoy the creative process of helping clients to communicate their stories which can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Often, the best ideas are first vaguely expressed by our clients, to which we add color and application to craft rich audio-visual assets.

Core Values

We work with integrity, and what sets us apart is our adaptability, persistence, and collaborative approach. Our company’s philanthropic activities have also set the stage for our good fortune, even during unprecedented times.

During the Covid pandemic, our ability to successfully adapt to the new environment and survive a challenging year was an incredibly satisfying experience.

Cooking and Soccer

When I’m not conceptualizing new storyboards, I derive great pleasure from researching nutrition and cooking delicious meals to savor. I also enjoy playing soccer with my son and getting together with friends for social events.

Additionally, mental health is something I care deeply about in all its forms. I watched closely as Alzheimer’s stole the last years of my grandmother’s life, and I feel strongly about supporting research to find a cure. This disease is one I wish no one has to suffer in the future.

I have enjoyed sharing our journey, the things that matter to us, and how they influence how we do business.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise as owners of a media production company in Ottawa, I invite you to contact us. Please call (613) 695-3888 or email



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